The global ‘appreciation’ for and obsession with anything Nigerian continues. These days, it’s almost like every Nigerian phenomenon becomes a hit in the west. Nigeria is popping. It’s another day, another dawn. Another thing of Nigerian origin is a hit with the west. This time, Naij reports suggest that the object of appreciation is a simple local broom that Yoruba call, ‘Igbale’, Igbo call, ‘Aziza’ and Hausa call, ‘Tsintsiya’ is selling on the popular transaction and pawning platform, eBay for $75.00 or for perspective, about N27,000.

It is also being fused with global natural targets of ‘green living’ because manufactured brooms are made from fibre and rubber. Brooms are natural and durable. The moment something pops off, everything seems uniquely attractive – that’s the Nigerian case at this time. Its description on eBay reads, “Going green and you want authentic locally made broom from West Africa (Part of the culture here in local homes) “Have the feeling of cleaning your home like Africans have been doing for centuries upon centuries.

Also good at handling cobwebs. Wonder why people of early ages live long? Well, because while they work and clean their homes, the work-out unknowingly or knowingly.” It ends. Interestingly, Naij had earlier reported how another broom sold for the Nigerian equivalent of a maddening N13,000. Excuse me, I have a question; whoever has the plug, please connect me to this gold mine! Help my situation. I need you. Fam, a local broom sells for between N50 and N100 in most South-Western Nigeria markets!