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We work with people who create and love music & entertainment and we utilise all forms of media channel to get your name & works out there in a way that’s right for you..

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Get featured in a variety of Magazines, blogs around the globe that are dedicated to up-and-coming musicians., We submit our subscribed artists to the relevant platforms and Selected artists will receive a dedicated write-up telling their story of how they got started in music and will be featured alongside some of the most well-known artists today
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We help you organise & Distribute your music on all major digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google, and more. with the opportunity for your fans to stream, download and discover your music anywhere and everywhere while you earn 100% royalties.


E-Biz Blog:. What first got you into music?
CSCODE:  “I started singing in  the church as a choir member before I met one miss joy and she in admiration of my performance & vocals in the church choir, admonished and told me that I can sing very well and that got me, and that was how I decided to make my first studio move to record my first song at Lars B studio in aba abia state.”
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