The Ideological Proposition

GOD is the almighty one also an all knowing and is the source of all knowledge; this is buttressed in the holy bible in 1 Samuel 2vs3. Knowledge can only come by learning or illumination. Through various forms of education, we gain knowledge which in turn can benefit us in becoming skillful in life. During this process, we may find resources helping us where we lack basic knowledge on any subject matter of interest. And if it were possible to combine all of man’s knowledge into one container, it still would fall short of our omniscient God who is known as EL DE’OT…the God of Knowledge. In other words, “Man in all His wisdom and knowledge cannot compare to the knowledge of an all knowing God Who can see and understand every detail of man…his thoughts and his motives which result in his actions. Man cannot have that kind of knowledge. Our actions are weighed by this all knowing God. The Hebrew word “actions” means works…our deeds, acts, inventions, our doing. He weighs every one of these no matter how big or small. The word “weighed” means to measure out, to ponder. In doing this, God determines which side of the ledger they are to go on for He has knowledge of even the motives behind them. “LORD, you have searched me and known me.” (Psalm 139:1)God’s Word is very clear that we will give an account of every word and everything done, whether good or bad. “But I say to you that forever idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the Day of Judgment. For by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned.” (Matthew 12:36-37 NKJV)It is for our benefit to understand that God has this kind of knowledge…that we cannot hide anything from Him. It should cause us to examine our own hearts and motives…asking the Father to keep them pure. When we have the intense desire and endeavor to be pleasing to Him in this way, our every deed and word can and should be filtered through Him. “Search me thoroughly, O God, and know my heart! Try me, and know my thoughts!” (Psalm 139:23 Amps.) That attitude of submission before EL- DE’OT (the God of Knowledge) may help us in determining which side of the scales our words and deeds will fall on as he weighs them. It should be our motivating desire to hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21. Also In (Romans 12; 11, God commands man not to be slothful in business, fervent in spirit while we serve him.

In other words, a good business and its produce are subject to good thoughts and great ideas. God almighty is an epitome of knowledge and by him actions are weighed. He is a master coacher. He makes man to understand that their glory lies in their ability to being strong and being able to resist negative forces of darkness without being weighed down or defeated. In the book of proverb 20 vs. 29, the splendor of old men is in their gray head thus knowledge and wisdom of daily living. Man’s ability to carry out specific instructions, assignments, to overcome temptations as well as exploring the world around him, by doing and living according to the will of God, is dependent on the level of strength that he possesses. This is subject to receiving the power of God, i.e. the essential mighty force of influence for dominion over evil and the ability to maintain a standard Christian faith to breaking into the supernatural

            Yes we have a great God in Christ Jesus. He is a specialist in impossible cases in our life irrespective of the situations or circumstances. He is more than able. This is the source of our strength, and in here lays the ideological proposition of the business name Eldeotjairay.

The ideological propositions therein Eldeotjairay, revolves around the factors of economic determinism, as a drive force to incubate business ideas and to source an alternative best solution to global business problems, without losing sight to striking a balance in the prevailing global social system as it affects Christians through the POWER OF KNOWLEDGE in Christ Jesus. In Eldeotjairay, lies the empirical, physical and spiritual business empowerment, via innovative ideas to manage inter social relations as is observed in the prevailing economic thin line between the developed western economies and that of the 3rd world economies like Africa, particularly with the gradual emergence of the ideally Reliable, Responsible and Responsive social administration, in these western economies as against the prevailing opposite in the 3rd world economies like Africa

KNOWLEDGE is power! It’s often derived from the events of our historical past. The PAST is a very powerful tool in the present that often times determines the direction of the future in the life of an individual or a nation and societies alike. In his words DR D. k. Olukoya, posits that “the past is like a journalist because it has a journalistic capacity to bring us into the present” Isaiah 14; 20-21. Therefore we need be careful with the present to avert the negative forces of influence from our past, polluting our future. It might interest you to know that God does not save everybody from trouble every time…Luke; 22vs31, so be wise & smart with your business decisions.

Apparently, eldeotjairay is an ideological proposition. The motive herein is to direct your mind and focus in life towards God almighty through Jesus Christ the only begotten son who died for the salvation of mankind, as the key to unlocking and taping into the economic potentials of the global social system, where subject matters of  “economics” determines every other  factors. This stems from the fact that there are only 3(three) things here on earth that is everlasting thus; FAITH HOPE and LOVE. Amongst these 3, love is the greatest.1corintians; 13vs13 for God is Love and he that abides in love, abides in God and God in him.  Eldeotjairay therefore, is not to be slothful in business, fervent in spirit while we keep faith in God. Christian evangelism of good morals virtuousness is the key word. The methodology is multi-dimensional in approach with a social strategy to release entrepreneurial anointing and blessings of God in financial prudence and business acumen to the global business community, through the POWER in the knowledge of God. Now that you know what eldeotjairay is all about, would you rather do business with us?  Perhaps you would like to click through the other pages of this business website to view and subscribe to any of our services. But before you proceed however, I have one big question for you… Do you know JESUSCHRIST? If NO then why not start now to seek him, so as to break the middle wall of separation, separating you and him, and this wall is SIN, UNBELIEVE, LACK OF FAITH,EVIL THOUGHTS,RELIANCE and BELIEVE in WORLDLY THOUGHTS BELIEVES.


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