Technological advancements give Digital marketers numerous opportunities to grow and improve their Skills for the business. Available tools include opportunities for enhanced operations, communication and payment processing.

The following is an overview of some of the most useful and recommended tech tools for digital marketing across a number of different business arenas.

  • YouTube – Video Marketing

Online video consumption continues to soar, particularly because of more viewers on mobile devices. People often prefer video guides, testimonials and demonstrations as opposed to print-based communication when evaluating problems, solutions and product alternatives.

Digital marketers can create great & quality service benefit, from a YouTube channel that features product demonstrations and testimonials. In addition to outreach on YouTube, e-commerce entrepreneurs can embed these videos on product landing pages on their website to strengthen the case for a customer evaluating options.

  • Email Marketing

There are numerous e-mail marketing strategies for digital marketers to leverage on for building a contact list and thus, growing their digital marketing skills for business. There are a couple of them like, MailChimp,, Constant contact, to mention but a few. Some authors had posited that mailchimp & Wix are among the most cost-efficient tech tools for email marketing. These platforms offer a free basic plan that allows you to build segmented contact lists, create custom campaigns and track results. Create and embed sign-up forms on your site to add subscribers.

GetResponse is another email marketing software programs that offer affordable options growing contracts, sending campaigns and tracking performance.

  • Online Payment Processing

You want to take advantage of the global audience available through online marketing thus e-commerce, but there are risks. However there are couple of recommended online payment processing solutions, designed to offer a low-risk, low-cost solution for online sales & marketing of goods & services, thus global convenience and easy collection of payments. For example,  Payoneer, Paystack, Vouguepay etc.

  • Google Analytics – Keyword Optimization and SEO

Search engine optimization is paramount to profitability for digital marketing/promotions& sales of products and services. Google SEO tools, which include, Analytics, Console, webmaster, G-suit etc, are all elite software solution that allows e-commerce merchants to search for the most profitable keywords to target when creating landing pages and content. It is a very especially powerful tool for an effective digital marketing, particularly when you want to dig deep into a small set of product categories and related topics.

This tool gives you insights into the potential for ranking well for the keywords identified. It also provides some Ad Words campaign data to assist in evaluating paid campaign options.

  • Graphics– Visualization

Online shoppers have become oriented toward images and videos when researching solutions. Thus, the more visualization you can integrate within your site and landing pages, the better.

Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw software’s are popular and easy to use graphical tool for bloggers, e-commerce merchants and digital marketers. You can create custom images, info graphics and other visual elements to include in landing pages, blog posts and social media messages.


These are some of the best tech tools across a variety of categories to help Digital marketers, e-commerce merchants, improve their results. Include these tools in your business activities to enhance your attractiveness to customers and to build your business over time.